Prior to incorporation of Wellington in 1995, Acme served as the local government providing the majority of community services and facilities including water and sewer, storm water drainage, roadways, street lighting and parks and recreation facilities. Acme is now a dependent special district of the Village and is authorized to levy non-ad valorem assessments against the land to pay for stormwater drainage, roadways, parks and recreation, street lighting, general operating costs associated with administration, insurance and fringe benefits, and other indirect costs.

Assessments are based on the acres owned.  Each acre or portion of an acre is referred to as a “unit” and assessable as follows:

Parcel Size                 # Units
Up to 1.49 Acres          1
1.50 – 2.49                    2
2.50 – 3.49                    3
3.50 – 4.49                    4

The assessment method, based on units rather than property value, are referred to as Non-ad Valorem Assessments (not based on value).