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The Acme Improvement District was created in 1953 by petition to the Circuit Court, and an order establishing the “Acme Drainage District” (Acme) pursuant to Chapter 298 of the Florida Statutes. Acme operated as a drainage district with gradually expanding powers. Eventually Acme became the local government for the area until the Village of Wellington (Wellington) was incorporated in 1995.

With the incorporation, Acme became a dependent district of Wellington now the two entities share the same governing board with the Wellington Council acting as the Board of Supervisors for Acme. Pursuant to the requirements of this statute, a water control district is required to update its water control plan every five years. Previous Water Control Plans are submitted as Exhibit_01A, 1B and 1C.

Acme is one of three water control districts operating within the boundaries of Wellington. Acme’s boundaries encompass the central part of Wellington as described in Exhibit 1D. The Pine Tree Water Control District operates in the west and the Lake Worth Drainage District operates in the eastern sections. The boundaries of the three water control districts are depicted in Exhibit 01E. Key timeline evolution elements of Acme are listed below:

1953 ‐ Acme Drainage District was created
1959 ‐ Adopted Plan of Reclamation
1972 ‐ District authorized to provide water and sewer services
1975 ‐ Increased responsibilities of parks and roadways causes name change to Acme Improvement District
1994 ‐ Submission of initial Master Water Control Plan establishing assessment methodology for infrastructure and maintenance
2000/2005 ‐ Per Florida Statute 298.225 updated Water Control Plan was submitted
2005 ‐ The “85‐10‐5” benefit ratio and assessment methodology was determined not applicable
2010 ‐ Water Control Plan redefines benefit ratios and assessment methodologies
2016 ‐ 5 Year Update of Water Control Plan Completed