Areas Outside Acme’s Boundary


Service Areas Outside the District’s Boundary

The District provides drainage services outside its boundaries, on a contractual basis, to developments that are adjacent and contiguous. Acme has constructed water control facilities to serve properties outside the District to allow for the reclamation of land. At the time of development it places the property under a system of water control for the purpose of disposing surface waters. The landowner is responsible for the design, construction, and maintenance of an onsite storm water drainage system. Design of the internal system must be approved by the Acme Engineer and meet any water quality standards imposed on other properties located within Acme’s boundaries. The SFWMD must approve all landowner applications prior to connection. Acme can charge an annual fee against the property for the amount of drainage assessment, taxes, fees, and other duly adopted charges for drainage that would be applied against similarly situated property within its boundaries. Service areas outside the District are included in Exhibit 7A.

In 2014, house bill 1255 was approved (Exhibit 7B), de-annexing approximately 250 acres on SR 7 near the Wellington Medical Center from the LWDD and annexing the property into Acme Improvement District. This is shown on Exhibit 7C. The ultimate use of the property is as a medical arts district to support the local hospital and medical community. A drainage agreement approved by both special district boards is in place where Acme pays the LWDD for drainage services on the property.