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Parks and Recreational Facilities

The District has broad authority to provide, improve and maintain parks and recreational facilities. Pursuant to an interpretation of Acme’s special act authority, Wellington may provide for parks and recreational facilities by invoking Acme’s special act authority. Alternatively, Wellington may also provide parks and recreational facilities pursuant to Wellington’s own home rule powers as conferred by Article VIII, section 2, Florida Constitution, and implemented in Chapter 166, Florida Statutes.

Wellington continues to expand recreational opportunities for its residents, which to date has resulted in a total of 32 park sites. A total of $63 million is invested in parks and recreation equipment, facilities and land improvements.
Recreational elements are identified as either neighborhood or community facilities. Neighborhood facilities are generally less than 10 acres in size and provide amenities intended to serve the localized needs of surrounding neighborhood. Typical amenities in neighborhood parks may include a play structure, picnic shelter, or basketball court. Community parks are typically in the 10- to 150-acre size, and are intended to provide a variety of recreational opportunities for the entire Wellington community. Examples of community facilities are Wellington Village Park, Olympia Park, and Wellington Green Park.