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Roadways within Acme’s jurisdiction fall into three ownership/maintenance categories, privately owned, Palm Beach County, or Wellington. Further definition of the roadway categories are defined as follows:

Wellington Paved Roadways

These are roadways that are constructed on Acme right-of-way and are paved roads. These roadways are maintained and operated by Acme. In many cases developers have constructed the roadways and turned them over for operation and maintenance. Acme has, on occasion, participated in the improvement of certain roadways both to improve traffic carrying capacity and to provide beautification of these areas.

Road and roadside maintenance provided by Wellington includes pothole, swale, sidewalk, and shoulder repair, litter control, road signage, pavement markings, and street sweeping. In addition Wellington has implemented an annual road re-surfacing program with the long-term goal of maintaining and improving roadway infrastructure. District roadways are categorized in four different classifications:

  • Private roads within a community owned by the local Home Owners’ Association
  • Public roads owned by Wellington
  • Public roads owned by the County or FDOT
  • Spine roads or major interconnecting roadways include:
    – Southshore
    – Forest Hill
    – Big Blue Trace
    – Greenbriar
    – Wellington Trace
    – 50th Street
    –  Binks Forest
    – Flying Cow
    – Greenview Shores/Aero Club
    – Pierson Road
    – Stribling

Wellington Unpaved Roads

These are public roadways located in equestrian areas of Wellington that are unpaved and consist of shell rock or compacted composition.

Road and pathway resurfacing costs are allocated each year at $1.1 million to $1.3 million per year. This cost is considered a community cost – since it is non-allocated to the assessment and is to support the entire District roadway system.

Palm Beach County/Florida Department of Transportation Owned Roadways

These are roadways constructed by developers in the various PUDs within Acme under Palm Beach County subdivision regulations and are dedicated to the County. These are, therefore, operated and maintained by Palm Beach County.

Private Roads within HOAs

These are private roadways constructed by developers in the various PUDs within Acme that are dedicated to the respective HOA and are operated and maintained by the HOA.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Pathways

The bicycle and pedestrian pathways within Acme and Wellington are administered within the roadway maintenance improvement funds. Wellington has adopted a Bicycle & Pedestrian Circulation Plan which incorporates a comprehensive network of bike and pedestrian pathways. These pathways are in existence or are proposed in the form of bike lanes and sidewalks within the roadways sections throughout Wellington. Common asphalt pathways provide safe movement of pedestrians and bikes are located within wide collector street right-of-ways, such as Big Blue Trace, Forest Hill Boulevard, and Wellington Trace roadways. These local facilities and infrastructure are within the right-of-way of the roadways and as such are considered an integral element of the transportation system. The resident pedestrian and bikeway O&M and CIP costs are included in the roadway Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and Capital Improvement Project (CIP) funding. Sidewalks are maintained by the road maintenance division.

Equestrian Bridle Trails

The improvement and maintenance of the existing bridle trail system within Acme Improvement District/Wellington is administered on an ongoing, as needed basis. The trails must be maintained in order to provide safe riding conditions. The Equestrian Trails O&M and CIP costs are identified separately in the annual budget.