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Acme’s roadway facilities include paved and unpaved roads, trails, and pathways. Infrastructure within the road rights-of-way may include swales, bike lanes, pedestrian sidewalks, multi-use paths/trails, lighting, and signage. There are 320 paved lane miles and 54 unpaved lane miles that are the ownership and maintenance responsibility of Acme, with a total of $80 million invested. See Exhibit 3H.

Maintenance includes a five-year schedule for repaving, a five-year unpaved/shell rock roadway maintenance program, repairing and reconstructing swales, general recurring maintenance, street lighting, traffic engineering, street sign maintenance, tree trimming, sidewalk repairs, brush removal, and participation in an Urban Forestry Program.
There are also roadways within Acme that are owned and maintained by Palm Beach County, Florida Department of Transportation, or private owners/homeowner associations.

Pursuant to Florida State Legislature, Acme may collect non-ad valorem assessments for roadways within the District, street lighting and general operating costs. These District transportation elements are considered within the total operations and maintenance and/or capital improvement project costs.

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Bicycle and Pedestrian Pathways

The bicycle and pedestrian pathways within Acme/Wellington are administered within the roadway maintenance improvement funds. Wellington has adopted a Bicycle & Pedestrian Circulation Plan which incorporates a comprehensive network of bike and pedestrian pathways. These pathways are in existence or are proposed in the form of bike lanes and sidewalks within the roadways sections throughout Wellington. Common asphalt pathways provide safe movement of pedestrians and bikes are located within wide collector street right-of-ways, such as Big Blue Trace, Forest Hill Boulevard, and Wellington Trace roadways. These local facilities and infrastructure are within the right-of-way of the roadways and as such are considered an integral element of the transportation system within Acme/Wellington. The resident pedestrian and bikeway O&M and CIP costs are included in the roadway Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and Capital Improvement Project (CIP) funding. Sidewalks are maintained by the road maintenance division with a specific major maintenance materials allocation of $75,000 – $100,000 per year.