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Wellington’s potable water system is comprised of 21 existing wells and 6 proposed wells for a total of 27 water supply wells (including Wells 26, 27, 28, R-12, R-13, R-14, and R-15), approximately 14.5 miles of water distribution pipe, an 11 million gallon per day treatment facility with a ground storage tank capacity of 4.25 million gallons and a high service pumping capacity of 23 million gallons per day. The water treatment plant was recently upgraded, including new reverse osmosis facilities, a deep injection well for RO concentrate disposal, chemical feed systems and the rehabilitation of the lime softening treatment unit. Other recent improvements include new transmission piping, construction of Re-pump/Storage Station 2, replacement of all water meters (19,691 total), installation of a new fixed base automated reading system and the construction of a city wide wireless area network or WiFi.

The wastewater system includes approximately 161 miles of gravity collection pipe, 102 lift stations, approximately 58 miles of force main pipe, a 4.75 million gallons per day wastewater treatment facility and deep injection well disposal system, and a 93 acre wetland/percolation pond. The treatment plant is currently being expanded to increase capacity to 6.5 million gallons per day and reclaimed wastewater capacity will increase from 1 MGD to 5 MGD. Other recent improvements include system wide lift station control system upgrades, rehabilitation of several older, critical lift stations and the construction of Peaceful Waters Sanctuary, created wetlands which are hydrated with secondary wastewater effluent.