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Acme owns and operates Wellington’s Water and Wastewater Utility, providing services to a majority of Wellington’s residents, as well as residents living in areas contiguous to the Wellington municipal limits. The Utility was created in 1970 as part of the Wellington Planned Urban Development (PUD) and became part of the Acme at that time. When the Village of Wellington was incorporated, an inter-local agreement between Acme and Wellington established that Wellington would be the provider of water and wastewater service for the lands within the District. Customer rates and finances are governed by the Village Council. Operation and maintenance of the systems are regulated by the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation.

The water treatment facilities have undergone four separate expansions over the years. The wastewater treatment facilities were constructed in 1988, replacing the original system. All of the original water distribution/transmission piping, wastewater collection/force main piping and pumping facilities remain in service. Overall the infrastructure is in good condition and maintained in accordance with State regulations. All critical facilities are designed to hurricane standards and are equipped with emergency power.

Utilities administrative, engineering and field service functions are housed at the water treatment facility. The utility department employs 47 full time employees. The water treatment plant is staffed by licensed operators 24 hours per day while the wastewater treatment facility is staffed by licensed operators 16 hours per day, as required by its FDEP permit. Field service personnel are also licensed.