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Wellington Presents Preliminary 2021 Annual Budget

The Village of Wellington is preparing the Fiscal Year 2020/2021 Budget process based on the development, implementation, and evaluation of plans for the provision of services and capital assets.  The first phase of the budget process is presenting the overall Village budget. The second phase, departmental budgets, will follow in a few weeks.


FY 2020/2021 RATESPrelim FY 2021Adopted FY 220Change%
Millage2.47 mills2.47 mills0.000.00%
Ad Valorem Revenues$20,381,267$20,864,280$483,0122.4%
Acme Improvement District$230$230$00.0%
Solid Waste Curbside/Containerized$135/100$135/100$00.0%
Water Base Rate$20.01$20.71$0.703.5%
Per 1,000 gal usage$2.26 - 7.42$2.34 - 7.68$0.08 - $0.263.5%
Wastewater Base Rate$19.08$19.75$0.673.5%
Per 1,000 gal usage$2.10$2.17$0.073.5%
  • The total proposed FY 2021 budget is $101.6 million as compared to the FY 2020 budget of $106.3 million, including inter-fund transfers.  The $5 million decrease is primarily due to the elimination of positions and fewer capital improvement projects.
  • The preliminary rates compared to FY 2021 are listed above.
  • With an estimated 2.9% increase in the 2020 Taxable Value to $8.9 million, the recovery of Wellington home values provides ad valorem tax revenues of $483,012 more than last year at the preliminary 2.47 millage rate.  The revenue value of each .1 mill is $845,000 in FY 2021 compared to $823,000 in FY 2020.
  • The ad valorem impact for a homesteaded property valued at $300,000 is an increase of $17.  The increase is $25 for a non-homesteaded property.
  • Total revenues are projected to decrease by approximately $2.3 million. The most significant revenue decreases include: projected decreases in shared / intergovernmental revenues including sales tax, sales surtax, gas tax, and road impact fees – approximately 2.4 million decrease projected decrease in charges for services including parks & recreation program and rental fees – approximately $829,150projected business tax receipts decrease of 30% or $285,661, and projected investment income decrease of $1.2 million Water & sewer services revenue is projected to increase by a total of $1.4 million based on the annual rates and new accounts proposed 2021 budget funds 232 full-time governmental positions, 75,949 part-time hours, 5 supplemental positions, and 2 interns. This is a reduction of 7 full-time positions from the Council Office, Communications Dept., Village Clerk’s Office, Financial Services, and Planning, Zoning & Building.  9 supplemental positions were also eliminated along with 5,081 part-time hours.
  • The Utility Department is adding two full-time positions for a mechanic and field technician bringing their total full-time positions to 66.
  • Capital and Major Maintenance Projects included in the proposed 2021 Budget include:Sales Surtax Projects – Wellington High School Sports Complex and Town Center Phase 2 Design / PlanningSurface Water Management Infrastructure Improvements – Neighborhood Pipe Lining, culvert inspections, trash rake conditioning, swale maintenance, and SCADA softwareAcme Drainage Renewal – C3 Canal at Wellington Trace and C-24D & South RoadRoad Overlay & Milling Projects –South Shore Subdivision (Mystic Way, Mystic Court, Sugar Pine Tr., Broadleaf Ct., Brightwood Way, Alder Lane, Big Cone St., Sycamore Lane, Basswood Place, Essex Drive, Sachem Head Terrace, Niantic Terrace, Hickory Trail); Eastwood I (Widgeon Road, Turnstone Drive, Sanderling Drive, Pipit Court, Pantail Drive, Petrel Road, Anhinga Drive, Pine Valley Drive); Aero Club Drive (from Greenview Shores Intersection to Greenbriar Blvd.); Paddock Park II (Halter Road, Turf Lane, Pelham Road, Clydesdale Avenue, Roan Court, Oatland Court, Wither Close, Draft Horse Lane)Utilities:Water Supply Improvements:  Wellfield rehabilitation, well construction and lime well mechanical & electrical improvements  $2 millionWater Treatment System:  Water Treatment Plant membrane expansion and plant building & disinfection  $2.75 millionForce Main Improvements:  Force main upsizing and lift station improvements at Village Royale   $700,000Water Reclamation Facility:  generator replacement and aeration basin upgrades.  $3.7 million
  • The budget process will continue with the distribution of capital projects and departmental budget information.  Public outreach to gain input from residents and stakeholders is also beginning through social media, Facebook Virtual Town Hall, and Wellington’s Budget webpage