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ACME Improvement District – FASD District of the Year

District of the Year – This award is presented to a District that works in a team effort to achieve and surpass all priority goals while staying within budget guidelines, and meeting and/or exceeding expectations.

The ACME Improvement District (Village of Wellington) is selected as the 2020 District of the Year for their tremendous work to advance operations at ACME and the Village of Wellington.  ACME utilizes telemetry technology throughout its service area.  They also complete ongoing multi-million dollar surface water systems repairs and replacement projects through their annual budget process each year. They have implemented drone technology to aid in project planning, design, and survey, and redesigning their website to improve transparency, engagement, and outreach.

ACME Improvement District (Wellington) is an active FASD supporter providing resources, membership, training, and assistance in all areas of the organization.  FASD is especially appreciative of the video and outreach support provided by ACME / Wellington and its very active members.

FASD unifies and strengthens special-purpose government through education, the exchange of ideas, and active involvement in the legislative process.  For information about FASD, please visit