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Tanya Quickel of ACME Improvement District (Wellington)– FASD Most Valuable Member of the Year Award

FASD recently held their quarterly membership meeting in person for the first time since January, adhering to all CDC safety recommendations.  Recognitions usually given out at the association’s annual conference (cancelled due to pandemic) were awarded at the quarterly meeting last week to districts, management and board members for their exemplary performances over the past fiscal year.

Most Valuable Member – This is award is presented to a member who, over time, has demonstrated commitment, contribution, leadership, and support of the Association thereby making him/her an indispensable asset to the Association membership, leadership, and management.

Tanya Quickel of ACME Improvement District (Village of Wellington) is the 2020 FASD Most Valuable Member of the Year. Tanya’s dedication to FASD as Executive Board Member, and most recently, President, is evident to all who have the pleasure of working with her.

Tanya serves as Assistant Village Manager and Director of Administrative & Financial Services for Wellington.  Quickel is charged with managing the Village’s annual operating budget, and strengthening and aligning administrative and financial functions with Wellington’s core missions. In this role, Quickel oversees a broad range of departments including finance, purchasing and contracting, budget, information technology, and communications.

Here are some words from some of Tanya’s colleagues:

“There has never been a more enthusiastic, motivated, active, caring leader of this organization, that has brought us all to the “top of our game”, than Tanya Quickel - - - “  Mary Hickey, District Administrator – Sanibel Fire & Rescue District

“President Quickel did an outstanding job of guiding FASD through some the most difficult and challenging times in its history.  Through her leadership and forward-thinking approach, FASD continues to be a valuable resource to its members.” – Kevin Hart, District Director – South Broward Drainage District

“From day one when Tanya assumed the President position, she hit the ground running.  She took her vision for outreach and education for our members to a level that far exceeded anyone’s expectation.    More recently, I have enjoyed her clip videos and enjoyed ribbing her on her acting skills, that actually are promising.  I am sure she will miss the top leadership role; however, we are lucky to have her continue her FASD service as a past president Board Member.  FASD membership is such a close group that it is truly like visiting family each time we have a meeting.  Tanya has played a big role in assuring that FASD has kept this friendly membership closeness.  Tanya, you are the best!  -

Pat O’Quinn, Superintendent – Old Plantation Water Control District    

“I have known Tanya for a long time!  I have yet to find her performance in anything less than spectacular and now that includes her work as President of FASD!”

O’Neal Bardin, Executive Director, Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District

“FASD’s most innovative, and motivating President of the decade.”

Jim Millican, Division Chief / Fire Marshal, Lealman Fire District

“Tanya, Your commitment as FASD President has been like everything else you take on.....superb!! You are one of the hardest working and organized persons I have ever known, and your personality and style makes everyone love you.  Thank you for all you do.”

Joe DeCerbo, Manager, Spring Lake Improvement District

“Karen & I are so excited for Tanya to receive this award.  I have worked with Tanya almost from the day I started with FASD.  She has been a tremendous help to me by providing knowledge and assistance in steering FASD in the right direction.  She is always thinking of ways to improve FASD and is always sending examples and ideas to improve a process or suggest a program that will benefit FASD.   Her unbounded energy and yearning for excitement is evident in every conference we have had since her participation in the Conference Committee.  She has been a mentor, advisor and true friend.”

Fred & Karen Crawford, FASD Executive Director, CMC & Associates, Inc.

FASD unifies and strengthens special purpose government through education, the exchange of ideas and active involvement in the legislative process.  For information about FASD, please visit